8 Fashion Inspirations before You Shop for Your Valentine’s Day Outfit

Valentine’s Day is coming up! Aside from dating and partying, you can also celebrate the special day by wearing it. I’m going to share with you eight outfits that are perfect for V-Day. You can use these as inspirations for your OOTD on February 14.

Heart Prints

This dress just screams, “Happy Valentine’s Day!” Aside from the fact that it is very feminine, the heart prints perfectly capture the essence of V-Day. Match this with a long, gold necklace, and a pair of pumps to capture everybody’s hearts as you pass by.

One Big Heart

From a dress full of hearts to this – why not wear just one big heart? This outfit looks so catchy because everything is white and black, except the huge heart print on the chest. It looks so simple, clean and easy on the eyes.

Beige Feminine Casual

Who says that red is the color of V-Day? Well, almost everyone would agree. But, beige can actually be a good color for the day of hearts. It is a color of elegance and femininity. Coupled with a casual outfit – long pencil skirt and pumps – beige looks classier than ever.

Fierce Cupid

People normally see Cupid as a cherub wearing a white robe. You can elevate the look of the god of desire by wearing a white off-shoulder cape dress. With gold accessories and light-colored heels, you would look like a goddess yourself.

Red Minimalist

You don’t have to wear red all over to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For example, it is okay to only wear red on your blouse, accessories and bag like this outfit below. As you can see, red looks so elegant when paired with gray pants and heels. Red accessories can also be mixed with silver.

Valentine Vixen

How about a powerful, sensual look for V-Day? Match a red laced crop top with a long black skirt to balance it out. You don’t want to overdo it. Then wear black stilettos to complete the outfit. Put more red on your lips and purse. The ensemble makes you look fierce.

Pretty in Pink

Of course, we have to add pink to the equation. Pink is so soft and feminine. Wearing a little pink dress would emphasize you as a woman. Also, the effect of your appearance relies on which shade of pink you’re going to wear. Soft, light pink gives a gentle look. Hot pink, on the other hand, can give the same effect as the Valentine Vixen. If you want that look, go for it!

Rosy Skirt

Wear a skirt as if it was a petal from a rose. Choose a long, flowing red skirt or gown. This is one of the best looks to wow your Valentine’s Day date. You would be the epitome of elegance and sophistication.

Final Thoughts

The perfect outfit for Valentine’s Day is not about the red color. It is about balance and what look you’re going for. In the end, it is still up to your confidence and personality to rock the whole outfit, no matter what color it is.